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femme punk
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Anyone who digs woman fronted and or punk bands that contain chick members are welcome to join. You don't have to be a girl to join.

4 skins, 70s-80s, a clockwork orange, a global threat, adolescents, afi, angelic upstarts, anthrax, anti heros, anti nowhere league, antidote, aus rotten, beki bondage, bikini kill, billy idol, black beauty, black sabbath, black stallion, blitz, blondie, blood for blood, bob marley, brody dalle, bruisers, buzzcocks, caustic christ, chaos uk, cheap sex, chelsea, choking victim, circle jerks, clit 45, cock sparrer, combat 84, conflict, confuse, crass, damned, david bowie, dead kennedys, def leppard, depeche mode, devotchkas, discharge, distillers, england, english beat, exploited, eyeliner, f-minus, farenheit 451, farenheit 9/11, feet of flames, flux of pink indians, fugazi, full metal jacket, gbh, generation x, green, gwar, hair dye, heart, house arrest, husker du, iggy pop, ireland, joan jett, joe jackson, johnny cash, judas priest, kathleen hanna, la guns, leftover crack, lil jon, lord of the dance, lord of the rings, lower class brats, ludacris, lunachicks, mad max, many other crap, megadeth, michael jackson, minor threat, motley crue, motorhead, naked raygun, new york dolls, oi, oi polloi, oi scouts, opressed, oxblood, oxbloodoi.com, oxymoron, photography, plasmatics, punk, queen, quiet riot, ratt, rudimentary peni, science fiction, selecter, sham 69, sick of it all, sioxsie and the banshees, skeptix, slaughter and the dogs, slayer, social d, spinal tap, stiff little fingers, subhumans, talk talk, talking heads, tears for fears, that 70s show, the adicts, the business, the clash, the germs, the havoc, the outsiders, the specials, the vibrators, total chaos, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, tsunami bomb, uk subs, union 13, unseen, us bombs, varukers, x, x ray spex, zounds